Commercial Solar Panel Installations in Southeast Ireland | SEAI Approved

Commercial Solar PV systems harness the sun’s energy through solar panels installed on business premises. These systems can significantly reduce energy bills and even cover all of a business’s energy needs. Public institutions like hospitals, schools, and libraries can also benefit from reducing their carbon footprint in the process.

How Commercial Solar PV Works

Solar panels are strategically placed on rooftops or adjacent land, integrating seamlessly into your business’s electrical network. These photovoltaic systems transform sunlight into electricity, powering your building’s energy requirements. The panels generate electricity year-round, storing surplus energy through battery systems for nighttime use.

Advantages of Commercial Solar Panels

Cost Savings

Generate your own electricity and reduce overheads.

Environmental Impact

Cut your carbon footprint significantly.

Financial Support

Access financing and grants to expedite your solar panel installation.

Low Maintenance

Solar PV arrays have no moving parts, requiring minimal upkeep. Protection Against Price Increases: Shield your business from future energy cost hikes.

Green Credencials

Showcase your commitment to sustainability, boosting your business's reputation.

Better Energy Communities Funding

Explore government incentives like the Better Energy Communities grant, making solar panel adoption more affordable. Our experienced team can guide you through the application process.

Our Commercial Solar Panel Services

At FES Ltd, we offer a full suite of services to meet your renewable energy needs. Our offerings include free project assessments and assistance with tender document completion, ensuring your project gets off to the right start. We conduct in-depth feasibility studies and system designs, tailoring solutions to your unique requirements. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, we seamlessly integrate on-grid and off-grid solar solutions, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging. 

Our in-house experts guarantee efficient installation and provide ongoing maintenance services. We’re committed to making your transition to renewable energy cost-effective, offering financing options with no upfront costs. Additionally, we keep you ahead of the curve with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training, ensuring you stay informed about the latest industry advancements—partner with us to embrace a sustainable energy future.

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