Agricultural Solar PV Installations in Southeast Ireland | TAMS 3 Approved

Farmers across Ireland are facing increasing energy costs, adding to the already rising overheads of running a farm. Fortunately, solar PV offers a compelling solution to significantly reduce electricity bills. Farm buildings and open land provide optimal locations for installing solar PV systems. Whether you’re involved in dairy, tillage, or poultry farming, agricultural solar panels can effectively trim energy expenses.

Sustainable Energy Solutions for Farming Operations

Farms typically have substantial energy requirements, aligning perfectly with daytime solar generation. Our team specialises in tailoring solar PV systems to suit your unique farm needs. By harnessing solar energy, you can decrease reliance on the grid and maximise the use of the electricity you generate, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability.

TAMS II Grant - A Boom for Farmers

Eligible farmers can benefit from a 60% TAMS II Grant and accelerated capital allowances in the first year. This grant is available to all qualifying farmers, regardless of age or farm structure, including partnerships and company models.

Comprehensive Coverage

The TAMS II Grant covers all necessary equipment for a solar PV installation, from panels to isolator switches and even batteries. The Department of Agriculture publishes reference costs on their website to help calculate installation expenses.

Generating Additional Income

With solar PV, you can sell surplus electricity and receive a fair price, ranging from 14c to 24c per kW. Installing a 6kW array on a typical 90-cow dairy farm can save €843 in energy bills and generate €1,248 annually from exported energy at 24c/kWh. The expected return on investment payback period is around 4 years, which can be further reduced with the use of a battery.

Join the farmers benefiting from agricultural solar PV systems

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